Cosmetic Planning Technology

This application allows my patients to participate and choose while planning the cosmetic cases. Every patient can visualize the exact look of the final result and moreover see how the patient will look with the new restorations. Please see the following presentation:

Diagnostic Technology

This technological advancement allows us to utilize only 30% of the radiation used in the conventional X-Ray machines. The images are available immediately and can be viewed
on computer screens. Large pictures and multiple tools allow us to diagnose and detect minute changes and achieve early diagnostic of the dental pathology.

Panoramic X-Ray

This tool allows us to view large structures of the skull or places where conventional x-rays are not diagnostic.This includes position of the third molars (wisdom teeth) ,proximity of the upper teeth to the sinuses, and the amount of bone available for the implant placement and condition of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Educational Technology

Casey educational software allows us to explain every procedure utilizing real videos and animation. This tool is invaluable when the proposed treatment plan is discussed with the patient. This is an example of one such educational video:

Technology for Treatment

This gadget allows us to perform absolutely painless injections.Yes, that is correct: no pain from needles. Please see the following presentation

Apico Locator and Endosequence System

The pain after root canal therapy was a result of the working files hurting tissues beyond the tooth while instrumenting the canal. Another source of pain was an infection if the procedure was done in several appointments.
The apico locators allow us to keep the files inside the canal. It is accurate to 0.5 mm. The endosequence system allows us to perform root canal therapy in one visit approximately within 30 minutes. These two advancements eliminate postoperative pain completely.