Dental emergencies are seen the same day

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Dental emergencies are seen the same day

Dental Technology

Dr. Edward Doktorman

Cosmetic Planning Technology

This application allows my patients to participate and choose while planning the cosmetic cases. Every patient can visualize the exact look of the final result and moreover see how the patient will look with the new restorations. Please see the following presentation:

Diagnostic Technology

This technological advancement allows us to utilize only 30% of the radiation used in the conventional X-Ray machines. The images are available immediately and can be viewed
on computer screens. Large pictures and multiple tools allow us to diagnose and detect minute changes and achieve early diagnostic of the dental pathology.

Panoramic X-Ray

This tool allows us to view large structures of the skull or places where conventional x-rays are not diagnostic.This includes position of the third molars (wisdom teeth) ,proximity of the upper teeth to the sinuses, and the amount of bone available for the implant placement and condition of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Educational Technology

Casey educational software allows us to explain every procedure utilizing real videos and animation. This tool is invaluable when the proposed treatment plan is discussed with the patient. This is an example of one such educational video:

Play Video
Play Video

Technology for Treatment

This gadget allows us to perform absolutely painless injections.Yes, that is correct: no pain from needles. Please see the following presentation

Porcelain crowns near me
Play Video

Apico Locator and Endosequence System

The pain after root canal therapy was a result of the working files hurting tissues beyond the tooth while instrumenting the canal. Another source of pain was an infection if the procedure was done in several appointments.
The apico locators allow us to keep the files inside the canal. It is accurate to 0.5 mm. The endosequence system allows us to perform root canal therapy in one visit approximately within 30 minutes. These two advancements eliminate postoperative pain completely.


What our clients say

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20:57 06 Jan 24
The Doctor and staff are excellent! You couldn’t ask for a better team. I’ve had a lot of issues with dentists over the recent years because I require my gums to be numb for any kind of work done to my teeth and most dentists didn’t want to or said I didn’t need it and then got mad when they couldn’t work on me. Searched and found Dr. Doktorman had some good reviews and I gave him a try. Now my go to dentist here on out. Staff is just as great as well. All are friendly, funny at times, and on point.
Michele FeiertagMichele Feiertag
21:11 03 Aug 23
I have been going to Dr. Dokroman for years and can’t even imagine going to any other dentist now. This dentist and his staff are ‘top notch!’ They are all friendly, super accommodating and do wonderful work! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for the best dental services!
Robert RRobert R
02:46 11 Oct 22
As someone who dreads going to the dentist I can honestly say requiring an urgent appointment due to an abscess/infection days prior to an upcoming trip had all the makings for worst experience ever.Dr. Doktorman & Olga were able to accommodate. Comforting, warm, completely painless and amazing experience. I 100% will be returning ????
Bridgette HeraldBridgette Herald
16:41 14 Feb 20
Does great work! Very nice dentist and staff. You can tell he really cares a lot. Highly recommend.
Lauren DePhillipsLauren DePhillips
20:55 21 Nov 19
Dr. Doktorman is friendly and patient. I never have to wait long for an appointment.However, I’ve had this experience on different two different occasions. The doctor injects novacaine before working on a cavity. He has me wait but by the time he comes back and starts drilling it feels like the Novocaine has worn off. He gives me more when I’m in pain. But still I’m trying to have the minimal amount of pain when I go to the dentist and want to be as numb as possible for the whole procedure. This is one reason that I wound up switching to a different doctor.
Olen ThaddeusOlen Thaddeus
13:22 14 Aug 17
I am looking forward to my next visit to my oral surgeon in Clifton. That is when I am receiving my dental implants. I found him to be very pleasant to deal with and do not mind going to the dentist at all now. After my next visit I will have a full set of perfect teeth, which I have not had for a long time.
Andre LaurenceAndre Laurence
20:25 09 Aug 17
When we were searching for a new family dentistry in Clifton, Dr. Edward Doktorman was highly recommended to us by a couple of people. My wife and my son went to see him first for a checkup and then it was my turn. I required two dental implants that were done without any discomfort. His chair side manner is very comforting. I was a bigger coward than my wife and son but I actually enjoy my visits now.

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