While your teeth are quite strong and durable, they can be knocked out or loosened due to accidents or injuries. If you act fast and take the right steps, you may be able to save the tooth and have it heal completely. This is possible because the mouth can heal remarkably fast, so if you know what to do, you might not need to get a false tooth. In addition to following the instructions below, you will want to contact the best emergency dentist in 07013 and see them as quickly as possible.
The dental offices of Dr. Doktorman has emergency hours, and can see you the same day for these types of urgent issues. In many cases, you will be seen almost immediately so as soon as your tooth is damaged or you are experiencing any other type of dental emergency, so call us right away.

Tips from an Emergency Dentist in 07013

Having a tooth knocked out or otherwise damaged can be quite a traumatic experience. Whether it happens to you, or someone you’re with, you may be able to save the tooth if you act quickly. The following are some things to watch out for, and tips to help avoid losing the tooth or having other serious issues.
• See Your Dentist – The first thing to do is contact our offices. As an emergency dentist in 07013, we can typically see you right away and will help save your tooth.
• Watch for Abscesses – An abscess can develop around a damaged tooth, and they can be very serious. During the days and weeks after you experience the injury, look closely at the gums around your tooth to see if it is a darker red or is bulging out. If it is, contact us right away for an appointment.
• Managing Pain – Having a tooth knocked out or loosened due to trauma can be extremely painful. In most cases, you can manage the pain with over the counter medications. If necessary, Dr. Doktorman can prescribe something stronger if the pain is bad. You can also use cold compresses for added comfort.
• Swelling – Swelling is another common issue related to tooth injuries. Excessive swelling can make the healing process more difficult, so it is important to keep it down. This is often done with an anti-inflammatory medication, which the doctor will recommend.

Contact an Emergency Dentist in 07013

It is absolutely essential that you are seen by an emergency dentist as quickly as possible after your tooth is damaged. In many cases they will be able to save the tooth, but even if that isn’t possible, they will need to look at your surrounding teeth and gums to make sure there was no other damage. In addition, they may need to give you a dental implant or other false tooth to keep your mouth strong and healthy. Here at Prestige Dental we offer pain free procedures and the most advanced equipment on the market, so when you work with us, you’ll have the best chance at keeping your tooth. Contact us today.