Dental implants are titanium or ceramic cylinders which are inserted into the jaw bone and can be compared to the roots of teeth. For more detailed information on surgical implant sequences please visit “Implant Videos”. Once the implants are integrated with the bone there are two major types of implant supported restorations: fixed and removable.


Fixed restorations can be single crowns or multi-unit restorations. These restorations are cemented and can virtually serve forever (with proper hygiene).

Dental Implants in Clifton, NJ
Dental Implants in Clifton, NJ
Dental Implants in Clifton, NJ
Dental ImplantsS in Clifton, NJ


This is probably the most rewarding area of implant dentistry in Clifton, NJ. Everybody has probably heard about the problems people are having with dentures. They fall, they break, and the denture glue is not the tastiest substance to have in the mouth. Implant supported dentures can transform the patient’s life from a constant struggle to a real enjoyment.
Patients can eat any food and still enjoy it because of the open palate design and nonmoving denture. Patients can communicate freely, without fear of falling dentures. These dentures practically don’t break and they are very thin because of the metal frame inside. Below are pictures of the upper implant supported dentures.

Removable Implant Supported Restorations 1 Removable Implant Supported Restorations 2 Removable Implant Supported Restorations 3 Removable Implant Supported Restorations 4 Removable Implant Supported Restorations 5