Patients with dental EMERGENCIES are treated the same day Guaranteed


Dr.Doktorman offers full range of services in the scope of general dentistry,such as cosmetic composite fillings,root canals,removable dentures of multiple designs,crown and bridges,surgical services and gum treatment. more info

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Dr.Doktorman completed implant residency in NYU.All phases of implant dentistry are performed in our office.We offer implant placement,variety of implant supported restorations both fixed and removable. Our office offers a FREE consultation for the patients interested in implant placement and restorations. more info

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Dr. Doktorman offers full range of cosmetic services. With the latest technological advancements, the best treatment plan will be developed for individual needs. To achieve maximum cosmetic results, we use all ceramic restorations, such as veneers or simply non metal invisible clasps on dentures. Our office offers a FREE consultation for patients interested in improving their appearance and smile. more info

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Dr. Doktorman completed residency in TMJ disorders in NYU. In our office, we can diagnose and treat TMJ disorders of different origins. The symptoms of TMJ disorders include, but are not limited to, pain, soreness in front of ears, upon chewing, yawning, talking.Frequent headaches, ear pain, ear noises, etc.If you suspect that you may have TMJ related pain, please call our office and schedule an examination. more info

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