If you have been told that you need a dental crown, you will need to make a few important decisions. One of the most important one is deciding what type of material or materials you want the crown to be made out of. There are many options available, each with advantages and disadvantages associated with them. You can choose gold crows, full ceramic crowns or porcelain fused to metal crowns. You can also choose combinations of some of these different materials.
While you should always talk with your dentist to see which option is right for you, the porcelain ceramic crowns in Clifton, NJ are often the ideal choice. This is because they have a lot of great benefits that most people like and the few negative aspects can be minimized or offset when they are properly used by a skilled dentist. Dr. Doktorman has been working with this material for years, and also uses advanced cosmetic dental software to help ensure everything goes smoothly throughout the procedure.

Things to Know about Porcelain Ceramic Crowns

The following are some important points that you should be aware of when considering porcelain ceramic crowns in Clifton, NJ. These are both the positive and the negative aspects of this option so it is always good to be aware of them. If you have any specific questions about any of these points, please don’t hesitate to call our office and speak with us before your appointment.
• Natural Color – When using porcelain ceramic crowns it is possible to match the color of your natural teeth almost perfectly. In most cases the crown will look just like a natural tooth and nobody will even be able to tell, even if it is one of your front teeth.
• Strength – While this type of crown is not quite as strong as taking porcelain and fusing it to metal, it is still extremely durable. Most people don’t have any issues with their crowns chipping or cracking, and they can last for many years.
• Sensitivity – Since porcelain and ceramic don’t conduct heat and cold as quickly as gold or other metals, most people don’t have issues with their teeth becoming sensitive to temperatures.
• Causing Wear on Other Teeth – If the crown is pushing against the surrounding teeth it can wear them down over time. For this reason, some dentists only recommend this type of crown on the front teeth where there is more room. With proper care and technique, however, you shouldn’t have issues even with your molars.
• Long Lasting – These crowns can last for many years, or even a lifetime with proper care. You can treat them almost just like natural teeth so once they are installed you can just about forget you even have them.

Consult with your Dentist

While porcelain ceramic crowns in Clifton, NJ are a great choice in many situations, it is always best to consult with your dentist. The dentist will be able to take a close look to see what type of issues your teeth are having, how much room there is in your mouth, and other factors to determine exactly which type of crown would be best in your situation. So, please call Prestige Dental to learn if this is the right choice for you. If it is, Dr. Doktorman can do the procedure right in the office using advanced 21st century technology that results in a pain free experience.