This is a very exciting time for a cosmetic dentist. Modern technologies and materials allow us to create restorations that were not possible a few years ago. Development of modern ceramics such as Zirconia allow fabrication of restorations that are both beautiful and incredibly durable. Modern composite resins (7-8 generations of nano-composites with ceramic particles) are very strong and cosmetically fully resemble tooth structure.

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding allow us to create pleasing restorations in the office. The indications include small defects of teeth, discolorations, defects of enamel in the cosmetic areas, etc.
Several layers of composite of different shades are used to mimic shades of the body, incise edge, and opaque spots of the adjacent teeth.

Laminate Veneers (Veneers)

Perhaps the most beautiful and rewarding restoration. The use of ceramic veneers allow us to create the most beautiful smiles possible. It also allows the patient to have the smile he or she have always dreamed about. Our office can create a custom designed smile utilizing the unique software. This software can extrapolate virtual restoration to the patient’s photograph and upon approval the precise replica of designed restoration is fabricated in the laboratory.

Ceramic Crowns

The new generation of ceramic crowns are beautiful and extremely durable, which makes them a popular choice for cosmetic dentistry in Clifton, NJ. The crown design is computer generated utilizing anatomy of adjacent teeth. This creates an unmatched cosmetic result.

Two other benefits of ceramic crowns are:

1.Unlike metal based crowns, no dark shading and black lines will ever appear upon even slight gum recession.
2. Ceramic crowns are bonded to the tooth, minimizing occurrence of decaying, thus dramatically increasing longevity of restoration.